Let an expert guide you
through your toughest negotiations

Why risk blowing a major deal, or continue putting up with a dysfunctional team or partnership… or lose tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoidable legal costs… when an expert negotiator and mediator can calm the waters and get you what you most want for a fraction of the otherwise devastating financial, emotional and relationship costs?

Whether you are facing costly litigation from a business or personal relationship-gone-bad…

or need expert help in a high stakes make-it-or-break-it negotiation…

or have a partner or team where conflict may be tearing you, them and your business apart…

the financial and emotional drain on you, your family, your time and your livelihood can have devastating personal and monetary consequences.

And yet, in the presence of an expert negotiator, mediator and facilitator like Michael, often in a matter of just a few hours, an adversarial relationship can be transformed into a collaborative one.

An all-out war between business partners, team members or spouses can turn into a joint venture that begins uncovering solutions and opportunities where everyone moves forward and wins.

And your most abhorred adversary can even become a valuable ally.

Even when a business or personal relationship has come to an inevitable end, a highly skilled negotiator and mediator will empower you and the other party to avoid the long-term and ongoing stress, financial devastation, and emotional debilitation of protracted litigation.

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